This is a Buffet of Freshly baked Baguettes either on site or brought to the site just baked. All the buffet comes

with a array of salads to add to the fillings. The hot and cold fillings are endless - they include:

                 Chicken Mayo with Sweetcorn and Crispy Bacon

    Lemon Peppered Chicken

                                                                                                            Green Thai Chicken

  Red Thai Chicken

Piri Piri Chicken

Tuna Crunch

Flaked Tuna

Brie Cheese & Cranberry

Grated Cheddar with Filling

Seafood and salad

Mashed Eggs with anchovies

Smoked  Salmon and Cream Cheese

Carved Sugar Baked with Salads

Slivers Minted Lamb and Dill

Corned Beef and Pickle

Hot fillings as Bacon, Cumberland, slivers of lamb,

Cold fillings Sliced Beef tomatoes, cucumber, shredded onions and lettuce, coleslaw, mustard, pickles,  

Ketchup, HP, black pepper, rock salt

                                                     £12.50 + VAT per person

                                     Staff Charge  £47.50 per 20 covers or part of

                                                      Minimum numbers 50 cover

                                            Parties over 100 Covers no staff charge

                                           THE BAGUETTES ARE CUT AND FILLED ON SITE